Linda King was raised in the small scenic town of Boulder, Utah which lies in the heart of the wild and beautiful canyon lands of Escalante Staircase National Monument. Her grandfather homesteaded ranches in that country which had beautiful streams of water, some of which she still owns.
Linda has been an artist, poet and writer for over 40 years. Her first marriage ended in divorce after two children, Gaetano and Carissa Bongiorno.  She had a relationship with Charles Bukowski, off and on, for five years.  After moving to Phoenix, a second son was born, Scott Dylyn Hall in a second marriage that also ended in divorce.
Linda’s reputation as a sculptor continues to grow with exhibits in Phoenix and San Francisco.  She continues to sculpture poets, writer and whatever commission she can pick up.  Some of her portrait heads of writers include Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Harold Norse, A.D. Winans, Jack Micheline, Gerry Hitt   Her sculpture of Charles Bukowski has been written about and published in several books. She specializes in painting racehorse.
Linda have read poetry with some of greatest poets of our time: Charles Bukowski, Allen Ginsburg, Lawrence Ferlinghettie, A.D. Winans, Jack Micheline to name a few.
Linda’s play, SINGING BULLETS, was recently included in a production of theatre called Collateral Damage, a Metro Arts production in Phoenix. Her Dancing poems were made into an evening of Women’s theatre at ASU. She has been published in many small mags, Wormwood Review, Vagabond, Pearl, The Bukowski Review,  Shameless Hussy Press and Rattle to name a few.  SWEET AND DIRTY, I DANCED WITH A MAN LAST NIGHT, EXPOSED, THE SAVAGENESS OF MY DISCONTENT AND THE ELEPHANT CHRONICALS are her poetry books.
Her book about Charles Bukowsk, LOVING AND HATING CHARLES BUKOWSKI includes many of her poems about him that helps tell the story.